After years of travelling though countless wine-producing regions and with a great deal of experience in the world of producing and marketing wines, the Barrero brothers –Luis and Carlos– created the Viñedos Singulares (Singular Wines) project, based in the city of Barcelona and on the pleasure those involved take in wine.

Through a careful selection of the main grape varieties of each region, we produce exquisite wines that retain the character of each territory and the wine-makers or oenologists of each of the different wineries in those territories, and it so happens that these are the preferred wines of the people of Barcelona.

Thanks to our commitment to preserve the authenticity of each one, the wines produced by Viñedos Singulares are now available in many well-known bars and restaurants of Barcelona. They are also present in the mythical markets of La Boqueria and Santa Caterina and on the tables of reputed chefs with Michelin stars, who recommend the pairing of their dishes with the red and white wines that Luís and Carlos Barrero produce, year after year.